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Electrologist: Lara Iskander, LE, CPE change

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  • ESTABLISHED CLIENTS (New Clients see below)

    Prices will change on January 20, 2019 due to increases in rent, operating costs, supplies, and equipment upgrades.  In an effort to accommodate the vastly different budget constraints and electrolysis requirements of each client, we offer 8 different treatment options between 10 and 60 minutes.  If you would like an appointment longer than 60 minutes please talk to your electrologist.

    New clients who book as "Established Clients" will lose treatment time to the consultation. Please schedule a consultation appointment so we have time for paperwork and questions regarding your treatment history.  If you are new to the practice and schedule a 30 minute treatment as an "Established Client" you will receive 15-20 minutes of electrolysis, the additional time will be used for the consultation.  You will be charged the full cost of the 30 minute appointment you reserved. 

    Please try different treatment options if you are unable to find an appointment.  If you cannot find a "60 minute treatment" search for a "50 minute treatment."  If you cannot find a "15 minute treatment" search for a "10 minute treatment," etc.